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Provide international after-sales service for Tashkent Cast iron expansion customers

Time: 2023/9/23 23:36:13

Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan and the capital of Tashkent Prefecture. Tashkent means "Stone City" in Uzbek, with a history of 2500 years. Tashkent is the largest city and important economic and cultural center of Uzbekistan, as well as the political, economic, cultural and transportation center of Uzbekistan.Cast iron expansion Detailed geographical knowledge Innovation pipeline has been sorted out: Tashkent City is located in the eastern part of Uzbekistan, west of the Chatkar Mountains, and the oasis center of the Cherchik Valley, a tributary of the right bank of the Syr River. The supplier Innovation pipeline is located in China, a big eastern country in Asia, bordering the Pacific Ocean, and the China-EU train runs through the country. Innovation pipeline has a designated service team for Asia customers, which can provide reliable Pipeline construction in the paper industry solutions for Tashkent customers!serve Tashkent customers, create reassuring Cast iron expansion products, Innovation pipeline welcome Tashkent friends!

Service is intangible, but it has value. Over the years, Innovation pipeline company has gained secondary cooperation from established customers through a comprehensive international customer after-sales service system, and has effectively developed Tashkent surrounding markets.

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TashkentCast iron expansion

    ※Let global trade benefit everyone,Innovation pipeline reminds Tashkent friends that this information is helpful:Cast iron expansion is the main product of our company, the use of cast iron QT410 flange type expansion generally has a good absorption of axial and radial displacement function, for the bending of the pipeline has a good adaptability, mainly cast iron material is relatively soft, suitable for large Angle compensation in the pipeline has a good effect. It has a good compensation effect for the axial displacement caused by the settlement of the pipeline. Compared with the steel pipeline expander and rubber joint, it has the high-quality characteristics of high temperature resistance and greater wear resistance. It is generally used in chemical pipelines and powder transportation pipelines.
  We partner with our customers to provide innovative solutions that meet the needs of some of the fastest growing markets, while leveraging our strength around the world to help the Tashkent customers we serve achieve their sustainability goals.
  Flange connection standard: GB9115 standard.
   Working pressure:0.6MPa、1.0MPa、1.6MPa、2.5MPa、4.0MPa。
   Scope of application: Our company's cast iron expansion is mainly used in power plants, waterworks, sewage treatment plants, various chemical pipelines and oil pipelines.
  Hello,Tashkent friends.We know what’s on the line for our customers. Whether they need to buy, rent, or purchase parts or services, we have the fast support to back their jobs.

Gongyi Zhongyuan Innovation Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd,Its factory is located in Gongyi City, Henan Province, China,central China.Innovation and development is our driving force, and creating national brand is ZhongYuan's goal. Innovation pipeline, your reliable and long-term cooperation partner.Innovation pipeline has invested huge funds to establish an advanced R&D and manufacturing center with a professional technical team and experienced staff. Besides the full range of standard products, Innovation pipeline can offer customized services as well.The successful and lasting presence in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America prove Innovation pipeline is a qualified international manufacturer able to meet the most various and demanding customers' requirements.

(Asia water supply and drainage equipment trusted product partner)China international Innovation pipeline Overseas Sales Department has been providing satisfactory Cast iron expansion after-sales service to water supply and drainage users in Tashkent region. With years of focus on the water supply and drainage industry, Innovation pipeline's reliable and reliable Cast iron expansion product services are deeply trusted by Tashkent customer friends! Best wishes for you!Wishing you good health and safety!​

Let us transform your ideas into reality today!Hello, customer friend from Asia,thank you very much for clicking to enter Gongyi Zhongyuan Innovation Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd official enterprise website to browse "Cast iron expansion" information! Made in China, best -selling all over the world!! If you want to know more about the application of [Cast iron expansion] products in the Pipeline construction in the paper industry industry, please Email or leave a message to contact Innovation pipeline to learn more new information!It’s been a pleasure doing business with you. Best wishes for the future.

Come on, become friends with Innovation, enter China, and learn about China!What supports a populous country to become a manufacturing powerhouse? Five thousand years of cultural accumulation?

At present, China has the largest number of UNESCO Intangible cultural heritage related projects in the world. I believe these cultural stories with a long history are attractive enough to make Tashkent friends interested in Chinese Cast iron expansion products.

One of the world's famous attractions:

Zhangjiajie is located in the northwest of Hunan Province and is one of the most beautiful national forest parks in China. There are thousands of stone pillars, peaks and canyons, forming a unique natural landscape, attracting a large number of tourists to explore and sightseeing.

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Answer: The pressure resistance of rubber joints is relatively low, making them unsuitable for high-pressure pipelines.
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