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Gongyi Zhongyuan Innovation Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Henan Province, the hinterland of the Central Plains, between Zhengzhou and Luoyang, the ancient capital of nine dynasties.  Gongyi City, the only "one hundred counties" in the central Plains, is near the Yellow River in the north and Songyue in the south.  It is the hometown of Du Fu, the poet of the Tang Dynasty.  Longhai Railway, 310 National Highway and Lianhuo Expressway cross east and west, with superior geographical location, convenient transportation and developed communication.  The main production telescopic, force transfer joint, waterproof sleeve, rubber joint, compensator series.

Company technology using CAD computer-aided design, development and production: metal pipe telescopic series; Steel flexible pipe joint; Rubber telescopic series (single orchid telescopic and double flange telescopic); Thermal pipe expansion series; Stainless steel corrugated compensator series; Valve series; Air duct fabric compensator, six device parts; Elastic support hanger for steam and water pipeline of power plant; Wear-resistant composite pipe; Steel flat welded flange, all kinds of pipe fittings and other ten series, more than 80 varieties.

Best of class Services

Building everyday relations of trust and cooperation, we strive through the rapid technological development and market needs to adapt to innovations, offering products and services of the highest quality in accordance with the requirements of modern standards and needs.


Plumbing and more

Innovation Pipeline is an independent supplier of plumbing fittings.  The company has design, casting, automatic welding, mechanical processing, rubber processing, assembly, laboratory, testing and other departments, with product development, design, manufacturing capabilities and systematic marketing plan and perfect after-sales service measures.  The company is well equipped, fine processing, complete testing and inspection equipment, product design using new standards, new technology, new materials, new technology;  Constantly developing new products and updating old ones;The pursuit of unique design and matching design combination, novel and reasonable structure, reliable performance, convenient maintenance, high quality and low price, good service.  The company's products in the national power industry, iron and steel industry, petrochemical industry, water supply engineering, urban water treatment and other aspects of performance.

The success of our company is based on providing efficient business to our customers.  We have fast access to thousands of different products and parts.  Most can be shipped from our own stock at competitive prices.  However, it is our focus on service that sets us apart.  Innovation Pipeline is your preferred address for all types of spare parts for Marine, industrial.

We are able to supply all OEM and original parts you may need, from seals and filters to valves and bearings to cylinder heads and crankshafts.


Passion drives us to do it all

ZhongYuan's passion is our differentiator—the actions and energy that demonstrate our values. We speak up. We lift each other up. We celebrate our differences. Together, we create space for new ideas and new ways to make a difference for people around the world through our technology.

For many years our core values have been the foundation of our culture—Integrity, Execution Excellence, Leadership, and Passion. But we're also always looking ahead, at what's next for us. That's why we bring our values to life with a "Yes, if" mindset — which means we never see solving a problem as impossible. ZhongYuan water supply equipment challenge ourselves and each other to simply shift our perspectives to see how we can make it possible.


Hot Product:Retractor,Expansion joint,Transmission joint,Sleeve compensator,Spherical compensator,Waterproof casing

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