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      Double flange limit expansion joint

      The rubber lined cast iron telescopic is a new product specially developed and produced by our company for the use of wear-resistant pipe system. The product mainly meets the connection and compensation use requirements in the above pipeline system. 

      Dear [Double flange limit expansion joint] customer! You are the 124538th guest to visit ZhongYuan enterprise! Let good quality flow freely without borders. ZhongYuan has been committed to Construction of chemical and municipal pipelines in power plants innovation exploration and experience accumulation since its establishment, and has provided the best service [Double flange limit expansion joint] products to hundreds of customers!

      Product introduction

      The rubber lined cast iron telescopic is a new product specially developed and produced by our company for the use of wear-resistant pipe system. The product mainly meets the connection and compensation use requirements in the above pipeline system. By improving the structure of the product, the product can meet the connection compensation and wear use requirements in the wear-resistant pipe system. The reliability of the product has been widely recognized by users.

      The rubber lining cast iron telescopic device produced by our company has added a special lining treatment method on the original product structure. The rubber lining treatment is carried out inside the pipeline expansion joint. It is mainly suitable for the use of various dust conveying and other wear medium pipeline system. To achieve the use of the pipeline system needs, in the practical application of the lining hose can realize the protection of metal parts, to avoid the impact of wear on the product.

      Product Photograph

      Innovative production of VSSJA-2(B2F) double flange limit expansion joint is composed of body, sealing ring, gland, extension shortening pipe and other main components. On the basis of the original performance of the loose sleeve expansion joint, a limiting device is added, and double nuts are used to lock the maximum expansion quantity. The pipeline can be freely telescopic in the allowed amount of expansion, once it exceeds the maximum expansion of the limit, to ensure the maximum operation of the pipeline, especially suitable for vibration or a certain degree of inclination and bend in the pipeline connection.

      Application field:

      Double flange limit expansion joint is suitable for both sides are connected with the flange, adjust the connection length between the two ends of the product and the flange when installing, tighten the gland bolt evenly diagonally, and then adjust the limit nut, so that the pipeline can be freely expanded within the scope of expansion, lock expansion, to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline. It is widely used in water supply, drainage, sewage treatment plant, electric power, steel, petrochemical, urban construction, water purification plant and other industries.

      Innovative pipeline product services:

      Professional manufacturing, professional service, innovation pipeline for you to create more value!

      Continuous improvement of service quality, excellence, "sincere service" is the innovation pipeline has been firmly believed in the goal.  Innovation pipeline in strict accordance with ISO9001-2000 quality system certification requirements, strict quality control, responsibility to people, to ensure the healthy operation of production, sales, service.  Strengthen communication with users, dedication to provide our customers with excellent products, perfect and beautiful service, innovation pipeline hereby make the following commitment:

      Product standards:

      Steel telescopic products are designed, manufactured and accepted in strict accordance with Chinese GB and HG standards and American API standards. The hardness of the sealing surface shall meet the requirements stipulated by the state, and the width shall exceed the national standards.

      Instructions for purchasing innovative pipeline products:

      1、 Product Material Description: Due to the possibility of scratches or dirt on the surface of materials during transportation or distribution, and the possibility of surface oxidation or insufficient aesthetics during storage, the images and physical objects may also differ. Our manufacturer will definitely make our products more aesthetically pleasing, using high-quality raw materials for production. Our manufacturer promises that our products are of high quality and affordable, and are entirely a customer's choice. If you have other models or specifications of products, you can contact our customer service online or consult us when purchasing

      2. Shipping instructions: 

      1. Due to the unique nature of the materials, all materials are shipped after payment by the customer, and are specially customized products for the customer. Once sold, there are no returns or exchanges for non material or quality issues! Please understand. 

      2. Please provide a clear description of the specific specifications, nominal diameter, working pressure, medium to be conveyed, quantity, and required performance of the required product before shopping. The main reasons for doing so are: 

      1) Ensure that the product prices quoted by the manufacturer are correct and accurate; 

      2) For customers, it provides protection for their own interests and prevents them from misquoting product prices, causing economic losses for both parties and causing unpleasantness for everyone; 

      3) Once the customer has made a decision and both parties sign a contract, the products produced by the manufacturer can meet the actual needs of the customer. 

      3. If the customer did not provide a clear description, the seller will not assume any responsibility in the event of a dispute! Please understand!

      Reasons for choosing innovative pipelines:

      Innovative water supply equipment based on the advantages of Construction of chemical and municipal pipelines in power plants industry, the key word "ecological win-win" Construction of chemical and municipal pipelines in power plants Double flange limit expansion joint service provider - Innovative water supply equipment advocated "win-win cooperation", which is about achieving win-win both internally and externally. Internally, it is Innovative water supply equipment employees themselves. The company creates a good atmosphere, ambitious goals, creates a comfortable Innovative water supply equipment cultural environment, employees achieve their own career goals and growth, and Innovative water supply equipment achieves their interests goals, which is a virtuous circle of "win-win cooperation". Externally, Innovative water supply equipment creates good Construction of chemical and municipal pipelines in power plants Double flange limit expansion joint products and services, and customers gain recognition and provide good service experience for Construction of chemical and municipal pipelines in power plants customers, which is also "win-win", and the sense of trust is further strengthened. This is Innovative water supply equipment complementary ecological win-win.

      Pre-sale services:

      Product introduction, technical exchange, non-standard product design, troubleshooting.

      In sales service:

      1. Maintain a trustworthy contract, ensure timely supply, and keep in touch with customers at all times. 

      2. For special or complex products, our factory arranges technical personnel to provide training and guidance to users on product use, troubleshooting, adjustment, and maintenance.

      after-sale service:

      1. The warranty period for innovative pipeline products is 12 months from the factory, and the "three guarantees" service (product quality issues) is implemented. 

      2. Our factory regularly organizes technical and inspection personnel to visit our products during use, seeking feedback from users on product quality, usage status, improvement opinions, and other aspects, in order to further improve product quality. 

      3.Quickly respond to customer complaints about product quality issues 

      4. For after-sales service, users are required to fill out the quality feedback form after the service and provide appraisal opinions, in order to jointly improve the product and service quality of the innovation pipeline.

      Building a better world through technology. How to make ZhongYuan [Double flange limit expansion joint] quality stable and reliable, create greater customer value, and provide good quality and cheap price products for the international market is the direction that ZhongYuan are committed to pursuing!Happy New Year to our valued partners.

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