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      Flange bellows expansion joint

      1. Import and export of all kinds of pumps, valves and air compressors;

      2. All kinds of fire piping, air conditioning piping, steam piping, etc.;

      3. General factory piping and the need for flexible connection occasions; A compensator also needs to be installed.

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      Ripple compensator is mainly used in

      1. Import and export of all kinds of pumps, valves and air compressors;

      2. All kinds of fire piping, air conditioning piping, steam piping, etc.;

      3. General factory piping and the need for flexible connection occasions; A compensator also needs to be installed.

      4. The compensator is also used in domestic water piping and sanitary occasions;

      5. Mechanical equipment piping needs shock absorption and thermal displacement compensation

      6. In the steam turbine generator set, heat pipeline, machine pump and other parts. For example, connecting pipes between low and medium cylinders, pumping steam pipes, exhaust pipes, condensate pump inlet and outlet pipes, generally use non-contract compensator, transverse expansion joint, with chute screw expansion joint, pressure balance expansion joint, etc.

      7. Used in hot water pipe network and steam pipe network in thermal power plant area, generally adopt axial type, transverse type, hinge type and other expansion joints.

      8. Applied in high school low temperature hot air pipe, smoke pipe and high frequency vibration pipe, desulfurization pipe, generally use axial type, transverse type, hinge type, coal powder three-direction, rectangular, high temperature corrosion resistance non-metallic and ordinary non-metallic corrugated compensator.

      Reasons for choosing innovative pipelines:

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      Pre-sale services:

      Product introduction, technical exchange, non-standard product design, troubleshooting.

      In sales service:

      1. Maintain a trustworthy contract, ensure timely supply, and keep in touch with customers at all times. 

      2. For special or complex products, our factory arranges technical personnel to provide training and guidance to users on product use, troubleshooting, adjustment, and maintenance.

      After-sale service:

      1. The warranty period for innovative pipeline products is 12 months from the factory, and the "three guarantees" service (product quality issues) is implemented. 

      2. Our factory regularly organizes technical and inspection personnel to visit our products during use, seeking feedback from users on product quality, usage status, improvement opinions, and other aspects, in order to further improve product quality. 

      3.Quickly respond to customer complaints about product quality issues 

      4. For after-sales service, users are required to fill out the quality feedback form after the service and provide appraisal opinions, in order to jointly improve the product and service quality of the innovation pipeline.

      Order Information:

      1. The customer has special requirements for the product and must provide the following instructions in the order contract:

      1) Structure length; 

      2) Connection form; 

      3) , nominal diameter, full diameter, reduced diameter, pipeline size; 

      4) Medium used and temperature and pressure range; 

      5) Our factory can customize and design special products according to customer specific requirements for experiments, inspection standards, and other requirements. 

      2. Our company can customize and design special products according to customer specific requirements. 

      3. If the customer provides the determined product type and model, the customer should correctly explain the meaning and requirements of the model, and sign the contract on the condition of mutual understanding between the supply and demand parties. 

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